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Some of my preliminary sketches for my new collection.

drawing and wardrobe inspiration

cupcakes in every flavor

heavenly cupcake

how many flavor cupcakes are there?

drawing and head dress inspiration

close up of her cupcake head dress


I could draw cupcakes for days

scoutie girl & cupcake

how can I help you?

Yeah, my sketchbook has arrived!! Now I have the daunting task of actually filling all the pages around my theme, “A day in the life” by Jan 15th. The possibilities are endless the only rule is that it needs to stay the same dimension when closed shut.  It’s all a bit overwhelming. I think I’m going to start in the middle and work my way out that way I avoid the”first page” stage fright.

I’m excited that I will be taking this e-course by Holly Becker of decor8.  Hoping to find my way and improve my blogging skills!!

Collaborate Crafting. I draw something then Ava Blu accessories it and makes it look beautiful.

I have recently been playing around with adding more textured backgrounds to my illustrations. So I spent a day just creating some backgrounds the old fashion way. I used the covers of old books as the canvas and adding some paint and paper to create texture. It felt really good to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I need to take the time to do this more often.