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The first in my Mermaid Series. Don’t you think this will make a great shower curtain?!

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“Sleepover at Dorothy’s”

Inspired by my daughter’s current obsession with the WIzard of Oz.

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I broke out the watercolor kit for this one!! And actually winded up using a variety of media.

She’s painted in watercolor & gouache with a few collage elements including the flower in her hair and the stamps in her dress. The background is comprised of some old envelopes I’ve had. I scanned them in and composed the background in photoshop since I couldn’t bring myself to rip them up. This way I get to keep the envelopes intact and still use them.

I’ve been wanting to do a fashion series and lately and have been really inspired by the line work and intricate jewelry detail of Indian Pahari paintings. So I’m hoping to incorporate more of that feeling going forward. Let’s see what the next “word” challenge will be…

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The YOW Experiment

It’s a group of University of the Arts Illustration graduates banning together over Facebook to institute a deadline for those interested in creating self promotional or personal piece.

Here is my first submission:


“Group Therapy”

Everyday, when I get off the train on my way home I look down and see two or three random chairs out in a field by some train tracks. I think the local cab drives hang out there when they don’t have a fair or are on a break. I’ve been thinking about doing an illo of this scene for a while and YOW was a great excuse to actually do it!

Check out a few of my fellow YOW members:

Den Cob

Dave Delaney

Kate Garchinsky

Christina Hess

Dominick Saponaro

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