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When I got a request asking for fruit artwork by noon tomorrow. My response was let me see what I can pull together. When in fact, I didn’t have any fruit artwork, but I do now.

Here are a few of the designs I was able to whip up in one night. Of course, if I had more time I would of been able to do more, featuring a larger varieties of fruit but all in all I’m pretty happy with what I was able to do while burning the midnight oil. Hopefully my client is just as happy with my results.

Hurry up and draw some strawberries!! Who doesn't love strawberries?!

...And watermelon. I love watermelon

Design featuring some cherries I had initially drawn for my Cowgirl Tales Collection. I was glad I had at least something I didn't have to completely create from scratch.

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Here is the design of the postcard I sent out letting folks know I’ll be exhibiting at Surtex



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The first in my Mermaid Series. Don’t you think this will make a great shower curtain?!

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To all those with early risers I wish you a well caffeinated morning!! Merry Christmas!!

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Yeah!! My image is in rotation in marketplace on the Surtex homepage!!

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A mini UArts reunion with some of my fellow SUPER TALENTED grads.

On the UArts Steps with Christy & Nick.

Having a few drinks

Jen my old Freshman and Sophomore year roomie and frined

Check out their Sites:

Christina Hess:



Dominick Saponaro:



Jenifer Rutherford:




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Happy Follow Friday! Some of my Favorite Artist Reps that are on Twitter



RichardSolomon RichardSolomon As if an introduction is needed. Illustrators agent and founder of Art On a Grand Scale.

Scotthull Scotthull self-proclaimed “Visual Ambassador” and Artist Rep to some pretty awesome illustrators.

Image Source artists ArtLicensing UK art and illustration agency for stationery & giftsware.

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