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On the last day of the Surtex Show Artist Tara Reed came by with her camera in hand and persuading me to do a video for her art licensing stories series. It was  great to finally meet Tara in person, after knowing her for a few years in the online virtual community, and I was happy to do it. Tara’s an awesome lady who’s positive energy is truly refreshing and completely contagious!!  I love her eternal optimism. I truly believe that you need to put positive energy out into the world if you would like to receive it.

My first video debut! I think I might have a new calling in broadcasting ;-)

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Happy Follow Friday!

Over the next few weeks I will be putting together a list of my 100 or so favorite illustration & design-related Tweeters. It’s just to give you a peek at a few folks who I enjoy following and reading about. In no way will this a full-blown list, and I apologize in advance for leaving anyone out, as it’s really hard to narrow this down.

…And First Up:



CreativeEntrepreneur LisaSonoraBeam Is living the creative dream and helping others live theirs. She is the author of “The Creative Entrepreneur” a book on creativity & business for right-brained folks.

ArtistTaraReed ArtistTaraReed Inspiring artist who licenses her art and teaches others how to license their art as well.

Jennifer Lee artizencoaching Jennifer is an Oakland based certified coach, artist, yogini, writer and musepreneur and creator of Right-Brain Business Plan

rebeccashapiro rebeccashapiro Rebecca uses beeswax to paint abstract expressionistic art, and is also an educator & entrepreneur.

Natasha natashawescoat A sassy whimsical painter who is always brutally honest and a self-proclaimed “media geekette” who utilizes social media to promote her work.

pdullaghan pdullaghan Penelope is an llustrator, artist and life questioner and creator of Illustration Friday.

Brianna Privett briannaorg co-creator of Illustration Friday & genius who helps with the technical side and principal of Utopian.net (making the web easy for creative folks)

Soniei Soniei pronounced sO.nE.A is a self-representing artist & home online-business owner who make an honest living by working an average of 80 hours a week.

Jamie R Lentzner jpdmom Jamie is a artist and mompreneur who has decide to NOT hang out with people who do not make her laugh, and on occasion has been know to bribes her children to do a few chores around the house.

kate bingaman kateconsumption“What Did You Buy Today?” Kate is an artist that make work about personal consumption.

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