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Working on transitioning from Corporate America to full time illustrator and licensed artist. ---------------------------------------- I am a former Art Director at Papyrus, and I've recently set out to pursue my own career in art licensing and illustration. My experience spans over 10 years ranging from Fortune 500 employment to freelance. During this time I have developed a keen sense of vision and I'm able to tell what sort of artwork will sell. I also have a understanding of full cycle product development – from market research & trend analysis, creation, design, and final production. All of which has helped me develope my own work and style. HERE ARE A FEW FUN FACTS ABOUT MYSELF: I am… fun to be around. highly motivated and determined to succeed. really good at baking brownies. rep'ed by The Pure Design Group. a brown-thumbed gardener. innovative. mom to Ava Blu. not afraid of change. a passionate designer. excite that you can now purchase some of my art as a mural. a minimalist at heart, a clutterbug at home. an award-winning talent. a rippin’ snowboarder. married to a soon-to-be-famous photographer. an aspiring children’s book writer and illustrator. making my dreams come true. competitive. addicted to facebook. a visual problem solver. a connoisseur of fine ice cream. easygoing. linked in. tone deaf, but still sings anyway. someone who colors outside the lines…and on the walls. loyal. a fan of simplicity. originally from Philadelphia. a homeowner in the SF Bay Area. a quick learner. on coroflot. a collector of witty quotes.

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